The CMC Platform

The integral toolbox to help businesses successfully compete online, designed for distributors, wholesalers, retail- and franchise organizations. Sustainable success calls for businesses who know their customers and have the means to provide them with relevant information including buying options 24/7, through all available channels.

That’s where traditionally organized value chains often experience a mismatch. Brands have extensive product, marketing and value information available, but no direct sales and marketing access to consumers. Brick-and-mortar sales outlets know their local customers, but mostly lack the time and expertise to create and maintain an online shop identity, let alone seize the opportunity to actively reach out to their customers with personal, relevant information.

Our solution

Our solution: one online platform automating individual online catalogue creation and marketing tools for all sales outlets, instantly publishing brand and campaign content to all sales outlets, with integrated eCommerce features and marketing campaign opportunities for brands. You can be the linking pin and create value by orchestrating omnichannel for your value chain!

The CMC Platform combines all tools to empower your sales outlets, dealers or franchisees to successfully compete online while creating sales- and marketing opportunities for the entire value chain. It’s an integral, turnkey solution which requires no software development.


Support brick-and-mortar businesses by offering your automated, centrally managed online product catalogue


Engage consumers as you help participating businesses creating local leads using extensive integrated marketing tools


Benefit from the unprecedented direct marketing opportunities in all catalogues you can now offer to your brands


Profit from 24/7 online product sales at the local business level by adding ecommerce to catalogues


Gain valuable insights on consumer behavior and campaign results on your CMC Platform dashboard

It's Easy!

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Channel Media Company adds online competitiveness, turnover and customer interaction to brick and mortar shops and (franchise) chains. Our CMC Platform enables you to seize control of the supply chain online, adding unprecedented value for channel partners by means of automated content collaboration and demand creation.

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