Marketing Tools

Enabling sales outlets 24/7

The first step

Enabling your sales outlets to provide their customers 24/7 with full product and marketing information is the first step. With a full catalogue online, it’s much more interesting to support them to actively inform their local customer base and help them increase traffic to the shop, both online and offline. That’s where Mail comes in.


Mail allows you to centrally create and design mail templates with general news, specials and promotions. The templates are published to your sales outlets, who can easily add local content and send out their personalized newsletter to their own client database. Links automatically redirect to the dealer’s local page!

Mail in the CMC Platform combines the best of both worlds. It’s a great incentive for sales outlets to start growing their local customer database, without the hassle of designing and setting up campaigns themselves. This creates traffic to their website and physical shop. You are in control of the look-and-feel of the newsletters and even better, are able to offer spotlight promotion campaigns in all newsletters to your brands!

Clear reports show template usage per sales outlet and dealers can manage their own mailing lists and reports through their personal portal.

The CMC Platform mail solution is powered by Spotler, a market-leading specialist in e-mail marketing.

How it works

Step 1

You create a newsletter with general information

Step 2

You publish the newsletter to your retailers

Step 3

Your retailers add local content and promotions

Step 4

Your retailers send the newsletter to their client database


It’s possible to include the option to add the dealer’s individual product catalogue to their corporate Facebook page as an Facebook App.

The App offers full product catalogue functionality, even including ordering options if the eCommerce or Full Webshop Add-Ons have been selected. It’s a great incentive for your sales outlets to start connecting to their customers though social media! Engaging customers leads to increased traffic, both offline and online.