Tech Data - Engage Platform

Tech Data - Engage Platform

Being a leading Distributor in IT peripherals in the world, Tech Data came looking for a way to improve their contribution to their dealers and vendors alike. Prerequisites for a solution were scalability, the ability to work with a large number of different vendors, and dealers should be able to have a customized online catalogue with shop functionality. Moreover, the solution should provide a care-free solutions to facilitate online dealer profitability.

Our Proposal

CMC-engage connected the value chain for Tech Data. Dubbed TD Engage, all dealers are offered the opportunity to make use of a fully automated online catalogue, which includes product details, images and value content for the selected brands, with customizable look-and-feel. The catalogue is ready to be added to the existing dealer site in only three clicks, and the service is free of charge. Moreover, fully designed e-mail marketing campaigns, a Facebook catalogue app and eCommerce options (order and pay directly from the catalogue, including drop shipments) are available to dealers. Reseller who do not have a webshop can also use the platform to create a full webshop, with all the functionalities of the productfinder + ecommerce functionalities + website management. For vendors, unique direct marketing opportunities (banner positions, e-mail marketing, etc.) are available.


TD Engage is a very successful addition to the Tech Data proposition and has been launched in both Europe and the US, supporting automatically generated content in all applicable local languages.

Project Details

Sector: IT

Role: Distributor

Scope of project: Global


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