a win-win for both your sales outlets and suppliers/brands

The CMC Platform is an online toolbox designed for central organizations like distributors, wholesalers, retail service organizations and franchisors. Setting up the CMC Platform for your value chain creates a win-win for both your sales outlets and suppliers/brands, and often a profit center for yourself. The typical revenue model comprises of three core income streams.

1. You add turnover by selling higher volumes through adding online sales opportunities for your sales outlets. In unbound value chains, the added value you’re presenting with the CMC Platform results in new sales outlets signing up and existing sales outlets ordering additional brands to complete their online product catalogue.

2. Generally, the basic product catalogue is offered to sales outlets free of charge by the central organization. For add-ons and marketing tools, you can decide to charge a periodical license fee to sales outlets which can include a mark-up on the CMC Platform rates.

3. You can decide to offer brand marketing options to your brands/suppliers which can include a mark-up on the CMC Platform rates.


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