CMC Platform

a fully integrated eCommerce solution

With the CMC Platform, you connect to a fully operational online solution.

Whether you’re looking for a basic online product catalogue to support your sales outlets or aim for a fully integrated eCommerce solution: our modular approach allows you to select your initial feature set and expand as you go.

The beating heart and control room of the CMC Platform is called the Channel Control System (CCS), the online portal where all product, marketing and value information is imported, linked and processed into online content. The CCS contains your entire product range, often automatically updated from your supplier’s data sources. Its functionalities include for example manually adding products, adjusting recommended pricing levels and setting up marketing campaigns.

The CCS Dashboard enables you to control the flow of information, select content output channels and customization options for your sales outlets, create campaigns and view reports and statistics.

We’ll summarize a number of common features. Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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Channel Media Company is passionate about Retail. With over 15 years of retail and online experience, we’re the leading partner in adding online business to traditional retail value chains with care-free, full service Click & Bricks solutions which allow the Retailer to compete online.

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